About Us

Principal Laurie Enloe
Assistant Principal- 6th Grade 
Cori Favela (New Tech)
Assistant Principal- 7th Grade
Shirley Baca 
Assistant Principal -8th Grade
Isabelle Oaxaca
Counselor (A-L)
Christy Sepulveda
Counselor (M-Z)
Julie May Black
Active Learning Leader Ashley Adcox-Garner
Attendance Clerk Vicky Quintanilla
Bookroom Clerk Lorraine Medrano
Campus Patrol Victor Dominguez
Campus Patrol Santiago Munoz
Diagnostician Mayra Mendoza
Head Custodian Hector Martinez
Librarian Patricia Becker Johnson
LPAC Clerk Judith Noriega 
Nurse Zulema Saenz
Parental Involvement Patricia Gonzalez
PEIMS Clerk Claudia Keith
Registrar Isabel Gallegos
Speech Therapist Bonnie Bauer


General Information


Brown Middle School (BMS) opened August of 2007. Hut Brown’s mascot is the Bulldog and its colors are turquoise, black, and silver.

BMS is an urban school that enrolls students in grades sixth and seventh, and eight with a professional staff of 45+ teachers, a principal, 2 assistant principals,  2 counselors, a nurse, a diagnostician, a literacy coach, a math coach,  and a speech therapist. The support staff consists of a senior clerk, registrar, attendance clerk, computer clerk, bookroom clerk, and a nutrition clerk.

Our campus consists of one 2-story building with 76 classrooms, 6 stairwells, and an elevator. The building contains a cafeteria, a library, 9 science labs, and 3 computer labs. The gymnasium contains 4 locker rooms used for the physical education classes, as well as for the athletic departments. Band, Orchestra, and Choir each have separate rooms with storage units for students' instruments. 

During the morning hour, we have the Pledge of Allegiance, Pledge to the Texas flag, a moment of silence, daily announcements and Channel One; a 12-minute news program is shown. Channel One focuses on current events and topics of interest to adolescents. It is also during this class that students will engage in activities on decision-making, careers, and character building.

Hut Brown Middle School is fortunate to provide services for special needs students. These include co-teaching inclusion, resource centers, Academic and Independent Management services, and Behavior Intervention Class. All programs are designed to provide a solid foundation for social, emotional, and educational growth.

In addition to our Special Education Department, Brown has a Gifted and Talented Program for all grade levels. Students must meet District guidelines for the following GT Programs: Humanities, Science-Technology, and Math.

At the middle school level, the University Interscholastic League (UIL) allows our 7th & 8th grade students to compete in football, volleyball, basketball, cross country, and track against other EPISD middle schools. Although our 6th grade students are not allowed to participate in these activities, we offer intramural sports as well as many other clubs and activities. In addition to these activities, Brown has large Band and Orchestra Programs. Our Band Program offers a 6th grade beginning Band. The pre-requisite for 6th grade Orchestra students is a year of Orchestra in the 5th grade.