There are both short-term and long-term relaxation response techniques that help control emotional (somatic) and worry (cognitive) test anxiety. Once these procedures are learned, the relaxation response will take the place of an anxiety response.




1Put your feet flat on the floor.

2.  With your hands, grab underneath the chair.

3.  Push down with your feet and pull up on your chair at the same time for about

     five seconds.

4.  Relax for five to ten seconds.

5.  Repeat the procedure two or three times.

6.  Relax all your muscles except the ones that are actually used to take the test.




            1.  Close and cover your eyes using the center of the palms of your hands.

            2.  Prevent your hands from touching your eyes by resting the lower parts of your

                 palms on your cheekbones and placing your fingers on your forehead.  Your

                 eyeballs must not be touched, rubbed or handled in any way.

            3.  Think of some real or imaginary relaxing scene. Mentally visualize this scene.

                 Picture the scene as if you were actually there, looking through your own eyes.

            4.  Visualize this relaxing scene for one to two minutes.




            1.  Sit straight up in your chair in a good posture position.

            2.  Slowly inhale through your nose.

            3.  As you inhale, first fill the lower section of your lungs and work your way up

                 to the upper part of your lungs.

          4.  Hold your breath for a few seconds.

            5.  Exhale slowly through your mouth.

            6.  Wait a few seconds and repeat the cycle.

How to Stop a Rumor

By eHow Relationships & Family Editor

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Rumors are painful. When you're the brunt of a nasty tale, just going to school or work can be traumatizing. You see acquaintances whispering in the corner, glancing your way; friends refuse to look you in the eye, and all because of a nasty rumor. You can't undo what is already done, but you can take steps to stop the gossip.

Step 1

Pinpoint the source and confront her. A person who gossips depends on secrecy to carry out her little plan. If you know she is the one who started trashing you, confront her and calmly ask for an explanation of her behavior. Then request that she stop immediately.

Step 2

Wait it out. Unfortunately, sometimes you can't figure out who started it, and it's spreading like wildfire, burning everything in its path. Even though it's painful now, it will pass in time if you don't feed the flames.

Step 3

Conduct yourself in a manner that proves the rumor wrong. If the gossip mill is saying that you are promiscuous, date only one person for awhile. If they claim you cheated on your test, ask the teacher to move you to the front of the classroom and make it a point to keep your eyes only on your papers.

Step 4

Laugh along with the crowd if the rumor is embarrassing but won't cause any real damage. Diffuse the sting by showing amusement. If they can't get you upset, the fun of spreading gossip won't last long.