Stokes, Anthony

Hello My Name Is...

Anthony Stokes

Theatre Arts Teacher


I'm originally from El Paso, I graduated from UTEP with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Music Theatre and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance Performance. I have worked for the Walt Disney Company, taught for a year in South Korea where I earned my TESOL Certification, and traveled the country in 3 national tours,  I spent eight years based out of New York as a professional artist and continue my career to this day. I have learned valuable lessons and will bring that life and professional experience to my teaching and my students.

While I do want to make sure my students are getting the best out of my class and curriculum, whiile finding ways to connect the fine arts to their real life and those experiences; I also want my class to be a safe space where they can be themselves and let loose and be crazy at times. Students will have opportunities to learn about different aspects of theatre including costume design, sound design, play-writing and of course performing, but will also learn about history, theatre connections to other fine arts professions and even a glimpse into the world of puppetry!