Varela, Rosalva

A Little About Myself

 I am a third generation educator. There is nothing I would rather do than teach. It is my passion. I had great role models: my mother, grandfather, grandmother, and many great teachers. I grew up in Southern California and attended Catholic Schools until my freshman year at Bishop Amat High School. I had a magical upbringing full of sunny days at the beach and warm nights with my favorite books, in a neighborhood where everyone's parents looked after each others children. I wish all my students the same magical upbringing.    My sophomore year my family moved to El Paso, Texas. I consider myself a Texan. I married my high school sweetheart and left college early to help put my husband through medical school. We lived in Chicago, while he completed a residency in Internal Medicine. My first career was being a stay at home mom/student. After four years in Chicago, we moved to the El Paso area and I finally obtained my degree in 1993, but decided to keep going to school as my children were still young. I earned my masters degree in English and American Literature in 2001 and did my thesis on Shakespeare's Othello and Post Colonialism.    In 2002 I became a highly qualified teacher when I obtained my teaching certificate in the state of Texas. I am very proud of my academic accomplishments, but my greatest personal accomplishments are my children. I have three grown sons, ages 34, 32, and 31 and one 21 year old daughter, and a new grandson and granddaughter have been recently added to our family. I love to read. My favorite book is The Alchemist. Your children are in good hands.    

Current Nine Weeks:

We will start the nine weeks by celebrating Black Heritage Month. We will read inspirational speeches. We will continue by reading a new novel.

Blue 0r black ink erasable pens
Wide ruled paper
2 one subject notebooks (English and Reading)
2 folders with brads

colored pencils or markers

Planner Week 22  (Feb. 10-14)
Monday-  Planner, 4 Square p. 716
Tuesday-  Journal, Read/Discuss "Old Man" p718
Wednesday-Read/discuss "Runagate, Runagate" p720
Thursday- Read/discuss "Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind" p.723
Friday- Spelling/Vocabulary/Affix Tests

Book Report Due:
March 3, 2014

prefix         root           suffix
in               cosm          phobia
not/          universe      fear of
incurable   microcosm   agoraphobia           


Rules and Regulations

It is the responsibility of your child to be prepared for each class. This includes bringing materials specified by the teacher. It is strongly recommended that your child have a planner, which can be purchased from PTA. This will be filled in each Monday and referred to for daily assignments. Late work policy: One day late= start at 70%, two days late= start at 50%, 0% after 3 days.
It is your child‘s responsibility to take home all communications. A student will receive a disciplinary referral and a U in deportment after the 3rd unexcused tardy in any class, dress code violation, and not being prepared for class. Teachers need not call.

Student Code of Conduct is to be followed. (Refer to Student Handbook).

Respect others. Keep negative comments, hands, and feet to yourself. Do not borrow or touch the property of others without their permission.

Respect yourself. Have materials ready and follow all directions immediately. Complete and turn in all assigned tasks on time.

Respect school property. Take care and have pride in our school.

1.       Verbal or written praise and encouragement
2.       Positive parental contacts
3.       Special activities
4.       Recognition of student achievement

Please do not hesitate to contact me with concerns or questions. I will be working hard to help your children succeed.  Once again, I am excited about meeting your children and participating in their educational experience. Establishing a successful learning environment for your children should be the goal of both parents and teachers. I look forward to this joint venture. Together we can make a difference.
Spelling Words Week 22

The seven words will be found in their textbooks on page 716.