Castillo, Sandra

Ms. Castillo's Science Classes

Welcome back to a new and exciting school year!  My name is Ms. Castillo, and I am one of the seven science teachers at Brown Middle School.  I have a Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas at El Paso; go Miners!  This will be my twentieth year of teaching; I taught nine years at Dr. Hornedo Middle School and this will be the eleventh year at Brown Middle School. 
The following rules and procedures will help ensure a positive and productive learning environment in our science class.

Classroom Rules:
1.  Bring all required materials and be
     on time.

2.  Respect others and use courteous

3.  Listen to and follow instructions.
4.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to

5.  Food, gum, and drinks are NOT
     allowed in the classroom.

1.  Science notebook (3 or 5 Subject spiral
     notebook with pocket dividers)
2.  Science textbook
 Loose-leaf notebook paper
4.  Pencil or pen (blue or black ink only)
5.  Red pen
6.  Color pencils
7.  Glue bottle or glue stick
**Please donate one box of tissue paper (Kleenex or any other brand) and one Clorox Wipes container.

Planner / Assignment Sheet

Students are encouraged to keep a daily planner or an assignment sheet.  Assignment sheets are provided free of charge and are located in a folder that is taped down to the classroom entrance door.  Students should take time to read the whiteboard and write down important information in their planner during the first minutes of class.  This will not only help the students stay organized but will also keep parents informed of classwork/homework and important due dates.  I am more than willing to initial a student's planner on a daily basis if requested by the parent.

EPISD Parent Portal:
The portal provides parents with online access to view their child’s attendance, classroom assignments, and grades.  Parents are encouraged to register for the EPISD Parent Portal online at EPISD HOMEPAGE.