Martinez, Eva


Welcome to 2015-2016 school year. I am very excited to be at this wonderful campus and teach Science.
I have a Bachelors Degree on Business Administration, I earned my Master's degree on Business Administration oriented to Human Resources, and finally I obtained my certification as a Bilingual Teacher from UTEP, GO MINERS!!!!
Prior to being a Science teacher, I taught 6th grade English Language Arts. Currently I am teaching 6th grade Science Monolingual and Connecting Languages ( English and Spanish).

I feel confident that this will be a successful year, we can show to the El Paso community that  the students, parents, and teachers at Brown are the best!!!!!!

If you ever need to talk with me my conference time is from 8:00 to 8:45 AM at 774-4080 ext 6132.

is an excellent resource that gives you access to view your child’s attendance, classroom assignments, and grades.  Parents are encouraged to register for the EPISD Parent Portal online at 
.  For ore information about how to register for the portal, you may click on the following link

Interactive Notebook -Spiral Notebook 150 sheets 
Warm ups book - Composition book
Pencil, ruler, color pencils, glue. 
It is crucial that students come prepare to school and bring all their supplies every day.

Classroom Rules:

1.  Be in your assigned seat and ready to work when the bell rings.  Begin with Warm ups activity.
2.  Bring required materials to class, unless told otherwise by the teacher.
3.  Stay seated unless given permission to get up by your teacher.
4.  No talking unless given permission  by your teacher.
5.  Absolutely NO gum, anything edible, or any drinks allowed in the classroom.
6.  Use good posture.  Do not slouch, lean back, or rock in your chair.
7.  Respect yourself, others, and all materials in the classroom.  This means to keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times.

Make-up Work

District policy will be followed for make-up work.  Students are allowed the number of excused absences to turn in make-up work.  The responsibility of obtaining make-up work lies with the student.  Tests will be made up before or after school for students with excused absences.  Students, please see me to make arrangements.

Late work

Ten points will be taken off for everyday an assignment is not turned in on its due date.  If you have an excused absence check the make-up work policy.


All class work assignments must be kept in science Interactive notebook to receive full credit for I book checks.  Every Friday students will have a I book check.


I send homework twice at week, all homework will have an assigned due date.  If it is not turned in on the assigned due date, it will be counted as late work.
NOTE: If the students did not finish an assignment during the class period, they know they must finish it as a homework.

Assessments and Daily Work

Students will earn a grade based on the following categories:

1.      Interactive notebook organization of completed class work

2.      Vocabulary, notes, and Warm ups entries

3.      Quizzes, exams, and projects

4.      Completion of Labs and participation

5.      Homework

​A video for my students: 

                                HOW TO SUCCEED