Walker, Rustin-Travis

Mr. Walker's 6th/7th Grade Science (rawalker@episd.org)

Description: Students will learn concepts of Science that include elements from Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, Earth Science, and Life Science. They will take on the role of "scientist" in order to analyze these concepts; learn how to apply, and how they have already been applying, many of the principles of Science in their daily lives; engage in numerous discussions where they present their "hypotheses" (answers to questions) and determine whether the data presented will support or refute their hypotheses; and conduct hands-on activities (labs and modeling) to observe some of these concepts in action. And they are REQUIRED to have fun doing it!!!
Note: Sometimes ". . . the best laid plans of mice and men . . ." so you might notice changes in the scheduling, procedures and/or assignments on the calendar as they become necessary.

Procedures: Students are expected to participate in all class activities which include classwork/homework, class discussions, concept modeling, lab activities, projects, and oral presentations.

Homework: Homework is not assigned every day, but when it is assigned, it is not overwhelming and I expect it to be done. Being absent will not be an excuse for not knowing what was missed. Students who are absent must check with this web page (or me) to find out what work, if any, they may have missed. I will not approach any student regarding missed work!!! That is the responsibility of the student! All students will have one (1) day from the due date to turn in work, that was not done on time, for partial credit (80). On the second day and beyond the grade becomes a "O". This applies to all assignments unless otherwise specified. At times throughout the year, I will post links to important documents or internet pages. They will be noted in the calendar on the day of the posting. Check the sidebar to the left for the necessary links.

Rules: Students are expected to come to class on time; to follow all safety procedures during class time, especially during lab activities; to conduct themselves in a respectful manner toward me and their classmates, rudeness and disrespect will never be tolerated in my classroom; and to bring all their supplies to class every day (they will not be allowed to go to their lockers to retrieve items they forgot to bring to class): 5 pencils, 37 pens (blue or black), colored pencils, scissors, ruler, glue stick, a spiral notebook, and loose leaf paper.

Teacher/Parent Communication: Conferences will be scheduled by teacher or parent request. Feel free to e-mail me at rawalker@episd.org to schedule an in-person conference, or, perhaps more conveniently, a phone conference. E-mail is also an excellent way to maintain communications.  Dropping by for a conference unannounced and/or unscheduled, especially after school, is unprofessional, disrespectful, discourteous, and inconvenient, and will not be honored.

Parent/Student Portal: If you have not already done so, I strongly encourage you to register for the Parent Portal.  This is a site where you can monitor your child’s progress in each class at any given time.  You can set your own desired academic and attendance parameters so that you will be notified if anything outside your chosen parameters occurs.  All posted grades for all assignments in all classes will be there for you to view immediately upon their posting.  This is the main purpose of the Parent Portal.  You will also be officially notified by hard copy every three (3) weeks by either a progress report or report card.  These dates will be noted on my webpage.  I will, however, be happy to respond to any or call to set up an appointment regarding sĀ­pecific questions and/or concerns you may have regarding your child’s performance and/or behavior in my class.  You can also email me at rawalker@episd.org.  In-person conferences can also be arranged, if desired.  CONTACT ME TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT AT LEAST 24 HOURS AHEAD OF TIME!!!  I am involved in after school academic activities such as tutoring and PLC’s so please do not drop by for a conference at that time as I will be unavailable.  Students can also check their grades and averages on the Student Portal.  Encourage them to check it so they will always know what their academic standing in my class is.  
You and your student should regularly check my webpage to follow what we are doing in my class.  I make every effort to keep it up-to-date, however, considering I am teaching three grade levels this year, I may occasionally get behind posting assignments and I apologize for that, but assure you I will make every effort to keep it current.   Follow this pathway: 
brown.episd.org>>>Directory>>>Science>>>Walker>>>Calendar>>>double click on the daily title (info box will open).


  1. Spiral Notebook [(8½” x 11”, ~160 pp.), NO composition books]
  2. #2 pencils (5); erasers; pens (37) blue or black only.
  3. Scissors
  4. Ruler (metric)
  5. Glue or glue stick
  6. Girls: 1 canister of Wipes // Boys: 2 boxes of Kleenex
  7. Colored pencils (no markers or crayons)
  8. Highlighters