Rollins, Hazel

    WELCOME TO EIGHTH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES AND                                             HUMANITIES


     Hi, my name is Hazel Rollins, and I teach Eigth Grade Social Studies and Humanities at Hut Brown Middle School.  I am a graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), and  I began my teaching career in 1993 in the Ysleta Independent School District.  I have taught Third grade and Fourth Grade GT, and I am excited to be teaching at Hut Brown Middle School.  I am currently our school's National Junior Honor Society Sponsor, 8th grade Track Coach, UIL Coach,  and  a member of Delta Kappa Gamma. I  enjoy spending time with my "three" boys; reading, playing the piano, playing basketball, football and watching movies.

"Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of  success."
         Henry Ford

  Schedule for 2016-2017         

    Endless, provide opportunity and challenge, transform, as knowledge is
     Can unify or divide, help us grow. Change exists in everything.
     *Your child will need to "copy" these in their planners.  They can purchase one from PTA or any other planner will do.  Parents please check the planners for assignments and dates.
Times are approximate 
Journal-Topics will be assigned, but a student may choose to write on any topic in their spiral  notebook.  These  will be graded twice in a nine week period. 
Through the use of Depth and Complexity Icons,   Students will write   various essays, and stories:  Descriptive, Expository,  Imaginative,Narrative, Personal, and Persuasive.
Reading-Various genres will be read throughout the year.  Novels will include: Witness by  Karen Hess, Shane by J. Schaefer, True Women, A Texas Novel,  El Paso Chronicles by local historian, Leon Metz, The Hobbit, Will's War, and we'll finish the year with Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. We will  study Literary elements, terms and poetry . Throughout the year, your child's comprehension and fluency will be monitored.  Please encourage your child to read at home everyday.  
Projects-There will be one "major" project due every nine weeks.  We will begin the project in class so that your child "knows" what is expected and "how" to complete the project.  Then, your child will take it home and work on the project.  I will give your child and you notification of these projects with due dates. Please check planners for important dates and assignments.
      Projects will consist of:  Book reports/reviews in the form of commercials, debates, and plays and also Getting to Know Me Mobiles, Author Studies, and Literature Circles (co-op learning groups).
     This year's Hometown Historian Theme:  Taking A Stand in History.  Our
district competition will be held in May at Bowie High School.

  jan-may--Journal topics will be checked
  2/24--White Binders are due
  2/22 - 2/24 Novel Notes in Portfolio are due
  3/9--Begin Work on Travel Guides
  4/27--Historical Novels due
-Presentations the following week
*Parents, please review your child's planner for important dates and assignments.
"Quality vs Quantity" Students will be graded on "Quality" work and will research concepts and themes through the elements of  depth and complexity.  Parents, please check your child's curriculum planner and notebooks for assignments and instructions
--Journals due:  Next Tuesday (10 topics).  If you "forget" the topic, write on anything you'd like.  Remember:   ONE PAGE for each topic!  Paragraph form (introduction, 2 supporting paragraphs and a short conclusion).
8th Grade SOCIAL STUDIES Learning Targets:
   Westward Expansion and Cause and Effects in History
*Review district benchmarks.
Please remember to keep your Composition Notebooks organized.                                         
                                                                                                                 Homework-If classwork is not completed during the period, then the assignment becomes "homework.  On  occasion,  homework will be assigned once a week and for projects will be given a 3-4 week notice.
Grading I encourage students and parents to stay in contact with me so that success is achieved.  Please check the Parent Portal located on the EPISD website.
ATTENDANCE:  It is important that your child attends school on a daily basis.  If they are absent, it is their responsibility to notify me and "ask" for their make-up work.  Parents please encourage attendance at all times.
SUPPLIES- 1 composition notebook, (2) 70 page spiral notebooks, planner,2 pocket folders with brads, yellow  highlighter,   #2 pencils, wide-ruled paper, 1 black ink pen, 1 blue ink pen**please replenish as needed. Project materials are on-going.
CONFERENCE-10:55-11:25. and the school number is:  774-4080.  My Email is:
* I look forward to working with you.